Energy-efficient design is really just a fad?

Sustainable growth, trends and the news is not life, it is also valuable, limited resources, more and more essential to move for our growing population, the direction of home design and construction. Energy efficiency in housing, the focus of a series of progressive, forward thinking but still not all companies. But when the focus is on the efficient design modern home design, the reality of everyday life?

As part of the design itself, or built, the focus of energy saving building or site at home, modular and prefabricated housing manufacturing practices in the industry do not. The comparison of the two types of apartments, of which I am convinced, created that, with our high-end home builders and construction-related sites in the average consumer in the home fixed relationship to their ultimate conclusion of the client, if the plant is more emphasis on energy-efficient design and created their own sites to respond more efficiently than the process of building in essence. Why the strong future of the housing, more than one site and construction home building companies built factories to achieve these objectives, the current in the efficient design, when you could be affected?

They make every home energy-efficient designs that do not work quickly, because more and more building owners and plant construction, or the three main reasons. First, energy-efficient new design of the cost of standard practices are more plans, secondly, the building owners a lot of technical skill and energy are not interested in efficient design must implement, and ultimately the consumer of heating did not reach the pitch: These reasons are.

Energy-efficient design is really just a fad?

As a housing authority, there is a new product or fully committed to green design to not the company’s financial and human resources as sincere efforts to develop. This is their new energy efficient design within the existing building codes, so that it corresponds to the easy finance is responsible for decisions. The quest for energy efficient design of a customer base ready for high-efficiency home covered by the need to consider whether it, too. Consumer demand is extremely important when these decisions.

Currently, two major problems that demand from consumers: the benefits for the first information and energy-efficient implementation, and secondly, the general insecurity and pessimism houses recently created from the collapse of the disturbance “McMansion” Posted by urban sprawl. to benefit our economic recovery, many consumers focus on the basic functions of consumers required and the total price is of course now known. Estimated purchase price and resale value of homes more green in the minds of consumers is more important than design, the concept of never stop growing by the recent mortgage mortgage battle ship was lost. However, this is likely to change significantly in the future.

Our economy continues to be sluggish, or worse, regardless of the electricity, water, gas remains the possibility of a price increase. We saw this in the price of gasoline. During the economic crisis has risen, fallen, gas prices and, and in California, we still have to pay more than $ 4.00 per gallon. The price of gasoline is $ 5.00 per gallon a few years, meets on the other hand, we have pre-recession levels and did not see the gas prices. As our economy improves, the incentives to reduce petrol, electricity and heating oil prices to producers do for their products? No, really. And with population growth, the price for their lack of resources accessible in the eyes of the owners and producers to a higher level command.

Energy-efficient design is really a niche market for house construction. Certainly not common practice. Very energy and sustainability on the conservation of energy-efficient designs are tending as part of the affected population. Green builders a niche in the consumer wins compete for attention. But reduce over time, the lack of resources, increasing population, energy-efficient design practices, they insurance at the time the building owner, dies with the owner of the raw materials for production incentives in the future, lack of practical benefits are granted, this will be energy-efficient design invested in energy and financial resources in

Energy-efficient design is really just a fad?

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